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Orthopedic & Neuro Attachment

Orthopedic Attachment

SI Suriquip Orthopedic Attachment is a flexible, easily operable instrument for orthopedic Surgery. The attachment allows the positioning of the extremely as required in regard to surgery practice and therefore is especially adopted to ensure safe and efficient.

Optoional Accessories

  • Spinal Attachment(optional)
  • Hand Surgery
  • Horse Shoe Shape Cervical Attachment
  • Three Pin Head Mayfield Neuro Attachment
  • Nock of Femar Position


Standard accessories

  Orthopedic Section- 1Nos.

  Pelvic rest in 2 sizes- 1Nos. each

  Pelvic support( radio Translucent)- 1 Nos.

  Inner thigh support( Radio Translucent)- 1Nos.

  Foot plat with Ortho shoes- 1 pair

  Tibia Attachment- 1Nos.

 Head Surgery table( Radio Translucent )- 1Nos.

  Steinman pin Holding Clamp- 1Nos.

  Head rest for shoulder Surgery- 1Nos.

  Leg Holder( Goepel Type)- 1pair

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Orthopedic Attachment

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