Meditech India



Description :

Strong tubular steel on four rubber stumps with hanging bright bar meshcrib.Pretreated epoxy coated finish.


Description :

  • Power Supply : AC 220  22V.05  1HZ
  • Max negative Pressure: >0.09Mpa
  • Noise:< 60db (A)
  • Input Power :<180 VA
  • Flow Rate :> 20 L  min
  • Jars Capacity : 2500ml/pc,2 pieces


Description :

  • M.S Cabinet Epoxy Powder Coated with SS Tray.
  • Fitted with 1/2 H.P Electric motor with Oil Immersed Vacuum pump
  • 2 X200ml glass graduated suction jars with rubber lids.
  • Vacuum gauge,vacuum control valve,Overflow cut off device.
  • Power Indicator & Patient suction tubing
  • Mounted on Four Castors(Also available with 2X200 ML Polycarbonate jars)


Pedal Suction Apparatus


Pedal Suction Apparatus mainly used in hospitals of all levels for suctions of blood.phlegm and other thick liquid.

Univac Mini Suction Apparatus


Compact and lightweight medical aspirators that has low vacuum & low flow performance.It has specially designed for use in intensive care,recovery room and paediatric wards where low flow/low vacuum is required.It has on oil-free Rocker Piston pump with permanently lubricated bearings,which ensures quiet operation and low maintenance.It incorporates a 1.5 Litres Polycarbonate collection vessel fitted with a float valve system,providing automatic shut-off to avoid overflow and a bacterial filter its lightweight robust design makes it ideal for use by the emergency services.

Handheld Suction

AC/DC/FOOT Operated Suction

Description :

Weight:5l <g with foot pump & 4.3 kg without foot pump Capacity-600mmHg + 10mm///hg vacuum free air displacement: 15.18l trs / min power : operated on 220 VAC and 12 battery & manually vacuum gauge: 5.80 cms (2.0 inch). 0.760 mm Hg Jar : Autoclaveable 600ml polycarbonate collection jar overflow protection: float system provided in safety jar filter : autoclaveable bacterial filter pump type: oil free rocker piston pump & vertical foot pump Battery Backup: 90 min on full charge in built maintenance free battery Electronic filling level monitoring system with sensor can be hung in ambulance or wait provided with DC cable foe ambulance / car use No leakage current increase the life of battery.

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