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Item Code: SIS-2027

Made of heavy gauge stainles steel sheet. Sizes : 15” x 12
13” x 10”
12” x 10” 
11” x 18”
15” x 6”
11” x 9”
9” x 9”
9” x 6”


  • Compatible with wide range of (H2O2 based) fogging solutions & environment disinfectants.
  • Enables fast & safe aerial fumigation process.
  • Generates ultra fine (sub micron sized) dry fog of non wetting aerosols disinfecting large spaces uniformly.
  • Delivers 90% more thrust & spread than any other fogging machine.
  • No wet surfaces, Non-wetting aerosol fog safe for equipments.
  • Validated for bio decontamination in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, veterinary & food sectors.
  • Fumigation is delivered as a dry vapour allowing furniture to be also subjected to the decontamination process.
  • Cost effective, and competitively priced.


Item Code: SIS-2020

Horizontal cylindrical Electrically operated at440vols. AC, 2phase, 50cycles. The sterilizeris pressure type steam jacked, made from 304 quality stainless steel. All joins are argon arc welded.Fitted with multiport operating valve, sterilizing vacuum drier, safety valve in jacket (spring), vacuum breaker, pressure gauge, compound gauge, dial thermometer, perforated tray, plug screen, steam trap and neoprene rubber gasket working pressure 20 lbs p.s.i. And Temperature range 2500 F, The door made of gun metal and covered with stainless steel lining and have automatic self locking devices. The outside will be well insulated. The boiler which is to be fitted below will be made of corrosion resistant 304 quality stainless steel it will be fitted with immersion heaters low water protection device, pressure controller, a contactor and toggle switch


The Sterilizer is mounted on tubular mild steel frame with Ground leveling flangers. 
E. Load 
16” x 36” 6.0 K.W. 
16” x 48” 9.0 K.W. 

20” x 48” 12 K.W.
30” x 48” 18 K.W.

Fumigator Machine(SIS 2056)

Description :

United aerosol disinfector compact model,ideally suited for the decontamination of operation theatres,wards in hospitals & Nursing homes,Pharmaceutical labs & Production units,Animal housed and Poultry sheds,Hatcheries & EGG Storages,Silk worm rearing houses in sericulture industries etc.Instantly converts liquids formalin into true aerosol particles.

A single unit can sterilize 250 cu. Mtrs. About 9000 cu.Ft. in just 30-60 min. Suitable to work on 220 V,and Stainless Steel Body in following capacities.

(A) 1.5 Litres

(B) 5.0 Litres

Instrument Tray (SIS 2027A)


= 6'' x 6''

=11'' x 7''

=10'' x 8''

=12'' x 10''

=25'' x 12''

=18'' x 12


Capacity of 11'' x 9'' 2pcs,

11'' x 11'' 2pcs & 15'' x 12'' 2pcs

12'' dia x 20'' H (3k.w. heater)

12'' dia 24'' H (4K.W heater)

16'' dia x 24'' H (5 k.w.heater)


12 X 20

Autoclave Sterilizer

Vailable in Electric / Non Electric ( Fuel Based)

  • Also available with Semi-Automatic (Timer Based)
  • Special features as per Autoclave Cooker Type Aluminium
  • All sizes are approximate

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