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German Reflector Halogen Light M20

German Reflector Halogen Light M20B

Metal Reflector Mobile Halogen Ligh

Metal Reflector Halogen Light C19

Opthalmic Electic OT Table


This Ophthalmic Table is specially designed for Ophthalmic surgery.Three sectional table is provided with drainage system in the head section.The table has sturdy base,coloumn made up of stainless steel,antibacterial and is easy to clean.Electromotive height and trendelenburg positions with the help of lightweight handheld control unit.


Lenght of Table                                       1900 mm

Width of Table Top                                   520 mm

Minimum Height (without Mattress)           Min. 750 mm

Maximum Height (without Mattress )         Max. 1000 mm

Trendelenburg                                           250

Reverse  Trendelenburg                              250

Leg Section                                             00-900


               • Encentric Pillars • Stainless Fitting • Detachable,head & leg section • Three Sectional Radio-Translucent Top • Base & Cover made of attractive,easy to clean Stainless Steel • Sophisticated machanics provide smooth,step less articulation of the table top for precise patient positioning

Elecrically HI Low C ARM Compatable


  1. Five Sections Mattress : 1 Set.
  2. Anesthetist Screen : 1 pcs.
  3. Padded Shoulder Support : 2 pcs.
  4. Padded Lateral Support : 2 pcs.
  5. Padded Lithotomy Crutches : 2 pcs.
  6. Padded Arm Rest : 2 pcs.

Electrically HI Low Super Delux OT


Specification/Model No.             USI -2001                 USI-2001E

overall Lenght of the table        1950mm                   1950mm

Overall width of the table            500mm                  500mm

Minimum height of the table         780mm                  780mm

Maximum height of the table        1030mm                 1030mm

Trendlengburg/Reverse                30degree                30degree

Flex/reflex                               800/2200                      800/2200

Side Tilt                                         220                          220

Kidney Section                         125mm manually       125mm manually

Leg Plate                                 900Down                    90Down

Hi-Low lift                                Hydraulic                  Electric

Hydraulic Dental Chair SS-508Hy


  • Hydraulic Dental Chair right side arm movable.
  • Multi articulating head rest,seamless upholstery.
  • Spring balance instrument tray fitted with pressure gauge with one air rotor points,one air motor or micro motor point and one 3-way syringe.Flicker less X-ray viewer and
  • Auto flush luxurious ceramic spittoon  and cup filler with cup filler programmer,high and low suction,Auto drainage box fitted,
  • Double intensity head light,
  • Pneumatic doctor's stool.

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